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4 basic things to remember for best photography results

4 basic things to remember for best photography results

Photography can be mysterious in many ways.

Whether you’re a photojournalist with a wealth of experience, or a traveller capturing snapshots of your dream holiday, taking pictures has a poignant underlying meaning - people love taking pictures to capture the beautiful moments that decorate our lives.
It starts to get intimidating when we want to make our photos “look great”. Good photos aren’t dependent on how professional you are in the craft, nor do they depend on sheer luck. Unfortunately, this is where many give up after they fail to understand the basic concepts of photography.

So here are FOUR fundamentals to understand and keep for life – SEAL, which is short for Settings, Exposure, Aesthetics, and Lighting.

- Settings: Familiarise yourself with your camera and understand what each button does. For example, going for the “Manual” mode allows you more freedom to transform your brilliant photos while the “Sport” mode allows you to capture multiple shots with a single click.

- Exposure: ISO, shutter speed, and aperture will not be jargon if you understand what effects they cause. For example, aperture affects the depth of field of your photos, i.e. how blurry or how sharp you want your backgrounds to be.

- Aesthetics: No buttons to push here, except your eyes to guide. Drastically enhance the quality of your photos by playing with different angles and perspectives. Exercise your creativity by finding the best angle that brings out the best features in your subject.  

- Lighting: Photography is all about lighting. Too much light and your photos can turn out over-exposed. Too little, and your photos might turn out pitch black. Experiment with lighting and if you have a flashlight, shine the light at your subject from different angles.