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Elliot Lee on Food Photography

We take photographs of different subjects, at different time and places, with different intentions, and no two photographs taken can be identical. However, the purpose of taking photographs had always been the same, and that is to record a moment in time. When we share the photograph with others, we are narrating part of that story and sharing our experiences and feelings of that moment. A photograph allows us to tell a story without saying a single word.

Food photography has in recent years become a common interest among food lovers and bloggers. We take photographs of food for all sorts of reasons. It is to make it look so good that the person looking at it would feel the stimulated taste enveloping their mind and crave to have it too. A well-taken photograph of a dish can bring out the freshness of the food, and draws attention on anyone who looked at it. For us, when we look at these photographs, we remember the glistering freshness of the dish, the bursting flavor when we sink our teeth into it and the feeling of it melting in our mouth. This is the magic of food photography!

As simple as it may appear, such delicious photography takes more than pressing of the shutter button. Let us join Nikon School Instructor, Elliot Lee and see how he captures such mouthwatering visual arts with a DSLR camera and some simple tricks.

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