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Life in Black and White

Living in a world so rich in colour, we tend to take for granted the beauty we see around us. Black and white photography is enchanting, while mysterious, because it helps us look at our world a little differently through graded shades of light and dark.

When it comes to black and white photography, we look beyond the colours that paint our reality and delve into the realm of shapes, lines, texture, and structure. The devil is in observing the details when it comes to making your shots stand out.

Monochromatic shots tell more intricate stories, because they do not have the luxury of dominating our attention with rich colours. Whether it’s the aged and weathered hands of an old lady, or the complex architecture of mega-structures, the interplay between light and dark brings out the most in the finest, often overlooked details.

Shooting pictures without colour is more challenging than normal photography. Finding beauty in the lack of colours involves having to explore the contrast between light and dark; strong and soft lines; sharp and blurred areas; detailed and plain backdrops, and more.

Lastly, playing with shadows adds perspective to your photos. Architecture or intriguing patterns often make ideal subjects as strong textures and lines can add depth and a degree of profoundness to your images.