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Luke’s bag of tricks: 5 tips for ‘food porn’

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. If you’re like me and lean more towards the latter, you’ll think a well-shot photo of Singapore’s local dish, the Char Kway Teow (stir-fried rice cake strips), belongs in the new National Gallery too. Here are my tips for food photos so awesome, diets be dammed!

•    No flash please. Natural light is the best photo garnish for accurate colour reproduction and subtle details. Play around with aluminium foil as a makeshift reflector for interesting lighting effects!

•    If I’ve learnt something from years of eating sushi, it’s that less is more.  A photo is composed not just by what you put in, but also by what you leave out. The next time you’re snapping away at latte art or craft beer, clear the table for a fresh, clean 

Photo credit: Kerri Ann Lim on a Nikon D610 –

•    Large hands are great for holding burgers, but not so helpful when holding cameras in precarious positions over hot food. Press your shutter button with the first joint of your finger rather than the tip. It strains fewer muscles.

Photo credit: Kerri Ann Lim on a Nikon D610 –

•    Eating clean? Try selecting the “Landscape” setting on your camera to bring out vibrant greens reminiscent of rolling hills.

Photo credit: Kerri Ann Lim on a Nikon D610 -

•    Play with light and shadows, not just the subject. These interesting effects can visually enhance with additional flavours when incorporated into your shot. After all, the side dishes complete meal, don’t they?